Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost Famous

I finally found time to visit my friend's new store, Almost Famous. It's this tiny chic store somewhere hidden away in the mountains of buildings in the Fort. If my friend hadn't been promoting her store, I probably wouldn't have ever guessed there was it was there.

Upon stepping out of the and really look at the window display, you can see that the store would probably cost a pretty peso...and it does. But to me, each peso is totally worth it. You can see that the style and craftmanship of each piece is to a tee. Well, it is to be expected, after all, the store carries clothes from a bunch of local designers. I love saying that...local designers. It's a different feeling when you know that what your wearing is from a homegrown designer. I feel utterly proud.

The store layout and interior design is divine and the clothes totally embody the same feel. You really cannot go wrong with a store like Almost Famous. I'm sure it will be every fashionista's dream. So, get your butt off the chair and go visit the place...here's the map: