Thursday, October 30, 2008

Slide For Life!! Hold on, don't die!!

Once in awhile, my friends and I have nutty ideas of doing things that are potentially really dangerous. A few weekends back, we decided to slide for our lives. Not something I'd recommend if you're faint of heart. How'd we come to sliding? Well, we were bumming in Subic (roughly a 2 hour drive from Manila) just because we felt we needed a break from our work world when my friend had the brilliant idea to slide from tree to tree.

From the longest slide. My friend hanging on for dear life.

That picture probably doesn't really show how high up we were. But it shows how dangerous that slide thing was. It's you, a harness, rope, and the hand bar. CRAZY.

Well, this was how it went. We climbed up a tree (there were stairs so not much of a hassle). Then we slid to another tree. Then we had to cross a long shakey wooden bridge to the next tree.

That is the tree we had to cross the bridge to. Crazy, right?! That's how high up we were.

After the first slide I was ready to go home. It was fun but I was freaking out. Then I had to look down. I saw how high up I was and all these thoughts of the rope snapping and whatnot kept running through my mind.

Freaky. It was wrong of me to go in flipflops.

Okay, so I couldn't find a way down so I had to finish the entire course which was cool. The longest slide was the scariest. Pretty much got all my friends cussing as they slid. HAHA. I actually took a video of me sliding from one tree to the other but I don't think I'm ready to embarrass myself that much. Haha.

So, if you wanna try the slide for life (yes, that's what it's called), go on to Subic and look for the eXtreme Adventures camp. It's near the Triboa-QB area so you can just ask for directions. When you go, I suggest you wear denim shorts. My friend told me (who wore soft cloth shorts) that she felt the harness' pull a lot. HAHA. Imagine if she was a boy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I love you, White!

The other day, one of my friends commented "the next time we go shopping, I'm stopping you from buying white have too many..." In my mind, I was screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." Hahahaha.

Last Wednesday, I went shopping with a bunch of my new friends. They are sort of getting my aesthetic. I go for more bizarre, unfinished or basic pieces. I hardly ever buy pieces that are very obvious. I think that comes from my love of layering and creating looks. The thrill I get from turning something ugly into something worth wearing is crazy. That's why I love my white tops. They totally tame wild pieces or add class to she-she stuff.

I don't think I need to tell you white tops go with practically everything. The rare occasions that I do get to go shopping, I always make sure to pick up a new white top. My new friends (who I've shopped with twice) find it so unnecessary but white is my fall back colour. I have this obsession with both drappy and super tight white tops. I go for either or when I shop.

I love wearing tight white ups with high waisted bottoms.
Although slouchy tops go with high waisted too, tight tops give off this classy feel to me.

The drappy/baggy/slouchy white top is so comfortable, I try to wear it with everything.

Drappy top for extremely hot summer days and to boy up a girly outfit.

My favourite places to pick up white tops would have to be TopShop and department stores. White tops do not need to be expensive or branded. If you dress them up right, they look timeless and fabulous without needing to cost a bajillion bucks.

Yes, I love green and black too. Hahaha. They're on the same level as white to me. :D

Monday, October 20, 2008


or Environmental Applications, Research, and Trends in Habitat.

Every year, the graduating class of The Philippine School of Interior Design has a showroom to show off their skills and, hopefully, get clients. This year was perfect because I have a friend graduating and Top Design has to be one of my current obsessions so I decided to go. The graduating class was divided into teams and those teams assigned themes. There was Highrise Haven, Blissful Burbs, Sea Sanctuaries, and Peaceful Peaks. The picture below is of a room design for Peaceful Peaks. It had such a cool cabinet with a3-piece painting on it that slides open to show the insides.

But out of all the different rooms designed, I fell inlove with all the beautiful bathrooms. I have no idea why I was drown to the bathrooms so much. There's just something about a nicely done washroom. It feels like home. Haha.

The visitors get to walk around, check everything out, ask questions, then vote of their favourites! It totally made me feel like I was one of the judges from Top Design. I was checking the height of the stairs, seats, bed... I was so into it.

That's me testing the height of the bathtub. HAHA.

Okay so half the time I was checking the height of the chairs, I was really just resting because the place is HUGE. I wore heels to the thing and, since I'm still mastering the art of heel-wearing, my feet were getting tired. I was thinking I'd try to be like Kelly Wearstler when she judges. But trying to look oh so fabulous and walk around all those projects was death to my instep. Apparently, I'm not shifting my weight properly?! Haha.

ANYWAY! You should all go visit the show room and place your vote (for stall #18! heehee.)! It's only until October 31. It's open from 10:00am to 9:00 pm at the ground floor of the Athena Building in Eastwood City!! It's behind the 7/11 just incase you didn't know! :D