Thursday, April 23, 2009

Treat Yourself Right

crazy queue

It has been a tradition that every summer, there is some cold food trend that comes out and pops up every where like fungus. Haha. Not a good comparison, but it was the first thing that came to mind. A couple summers back, it was this shake thing with tapioca in it and, last summer, it was snow cups with the craziest amounts of toppings on it. I have to say though, that this summer has to be my most favourite trend, FROZEN YOGURT!

I have loved yogurt for the longest time ever... but could never find amazing FROZEN yogurt here in the Philippines. The past coupleof months, however, different frozen yogurt establishments have been popping up here and there...but none of them made me happy (because that should be their goal, lol) until I tried RED MANGO.

Red Mango is like heaven in my mouth. Since the first time I've tried it, I have been a supporter of the stuff. It's been my opening statement to friends that I run into. I've gone as far as to have meetings there just so I could have my yummy frozen yogurt.

Aside from it being the best tasting yogurt I've had in the Philippines... it is also healthy! I normally have my original flavoured frozen yogurt topped with strawberries and coco pebbles. If the strawberries aren't available, I always mix a fruit in with a cereal. It's the most amazing combination of cold, crunchy, and sweet...perfect!

Red Mango also has green tea flavoured yogurt that I think is superb with nuts and fruits. Sigh, I think I'll visit the place again this weekend. I really can't get enough. :)

Here's what I wore the last time I was at Red Mango...

nine west shoes, topshop by moto pants, macau bag, banana rep shirt, bali bangles

PS. Find Red Mango in SM Megamall ground floor, Eastwood's new mall in the balcony area, and there's one in Trinoma...I haven't visited that one yet. Eeek.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Elsie Gaches

Yeah, I'm sure you have no idea who that is. I had no idea who it was, too, when I first heard about Elsie Gaches. And I was annoyed at the fact that I needed to travel 2 hours to find out who Elsie Gaches was but I was excited at the fact that I was going to be able to teach children with special needs. For as long as I can remember, teaching children with special needs was something that came naturally to me and it made me feel like I was doing something right.

I musta taught 20 children one-by-one in about 4 hours. It was amazing. By the end of the teaching, the children were holding my hand and showing me the things they made. I was so sweet.

Apparently, Elsie Gaches was an American that came and put up a foundation to help orphaned and abandoned children with special needs. She put up this gigantic village where all these children are housed. A lot of them stay there from the time their found/brought there to their last days. The foundation does the best teach them to be helpful members of society and to live their life to the fullest. It was a really well maintained village and I really saw where all the donations and government went.

If you can, please try to visit the place and play with the children. They're a great bunch of kids. This is the only link I found.