Saturday, November 15, 2008

Are You In Control?

For some weird reason, people have the tendency to assume I am a trendy adolescence. These people are my parents' friends and their siblings that I haven't seen in years. Every time they see my parents, they send them home with gifts to give me (a plus, I know). But since they normally have no idea who I am, they send whatever they think or see is "in" with the youth. I pretty much never see this as a bad thing... it gives me the opportunity to try new things out. This time, they sent me a bottle of Britney Spears' Curious In Control.

Okay, I have to admit that when I opened the packaged, I was very iffy about using Britney Spears cologne. I know it's mean but whenever I see pictures of her, she always looks like she hadn't bathed in days. Hence, my apprehension in using the stuff. I have no idea what could possibly smell good to her. But when I saw the bottle, I was like "ooooo...." It was so tacky, I loved it. Hahaha.

The colour wasn't much to be desired but the pump spray made me happy because I'm shallow like that. So, I sprayed away. It smelled like overly sweet fruits and candy. It wasn't at all bad. I think the smell grows on you and lingers long enough to make you feel relaxed. Can a smell really make you feel relaxed? Haha, that's probably how the cologne controls people. I dunno.

I don't think I'd buy myself a bottle after I finish this one but it was a good experience. Hahaha.

To buy your own bottle, click here.

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