Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's CB and Ri-ri...!

The crowd... crazy.

Yes, I went to the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert. Some people thought it was a waste of money but it was so worth it. Being able to dance around like an idiot (trust me, I look like an idiot when I dance) and sing the words along with the artists.... is awesome. I did get stopped at the gate becasue I had a bite size chocolate car in my bag. I found that rather dumb. Really, would a bite size chocolate bar stop me from buying food from the over-princed stalls inside? Of course not. I wouldn't buy anything from those stalls even if I was slightly hungry.

I found it crazy that they were pouring bottled water into cups!

The moment I got inside, the crowd was so over whelming. The heat they were emiting was toxic so I stayed far enough back to be able to breath but close enough to see the stage. Haha. According to Rihanna, there were 70,00 people in the audience. 20,000 of that bunch were in the Gold section, the section where I was at.

It makes me sad that people can't seem to throw away their own trash.

I made sure to wear my Doc Martens to the concert. I was ready for people to step on me... and I planned giving a little kick when they do. Evil, I know. But I'm quite tiny and it's the most I could do. I also had to wear boots because the after-math trash of the concert could hurt my feet.

Sorry there's no outfit shot. We were all just so pumped, I totally forgot to take a picture. Next time, I promise. Haha.

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