Sunday, November 9, 2008

Promise me, you don't fall into a tide pool or something

What can I say? I have fallen into the obsession just like everyone else. I love Twilight. I was skeptical at first thinking it was one of those sob-love stories that are so predictable but everyone seems to love so I didn't start reading it when my brother bought the first book. It looked so long and draggy (yes, I judged the book by it's cover) and I didn't have the strength in me to even pick it up. But the other day, I was looking through my list of things to do before the year ended and I promised myself that I'd read 24 books. Only having read 5 books, I'm far from achieving my goal so I decided to start reading a book a week until the year ends...just to make up for it.

And the only books I haven't read at home was the Twilight saga. I decided that it was long enough to finish a book a week. I WAS SO WRONG. The moment I picked the book up, I couldn't let it go. It was so wonderfully (or sadly, depending on how you look at it) addicting. I lost all touch with the outside world while reading the book. I lost track of time. I forgot to eat. I didn't reply/answer any calls, texts, emails, etc...I just couldn't let go. Every time I finished a chapter, I'd say, "this is the last... I need to eat..." And I COULDN'T DO IT.Justify Full

Stephenie Meyer made Edward so lovable and so interesting, it was so hard to not want to know more about him. Yes, I've fallen into the cult of the Edward Cullen lovers. It's horrible but I can't get enough. I can't believe I finished Twilight in one day. It didn't even feel long.

Now, I'm excited about the movie. Sigh.

I don't want to tell you to go and buy the book. Really, I'm not that kind of person. I thought it was a great book but tastes differ. Give it a try if you fancy. :)

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