Monday, November 17, 2008

Spinning Around.

One day, my friends and I got really bored and hungry so we headed out to eat at the best buffet ever; Spiral. It's one of those places where you can hang with your buddies and just stuff yourself silly. Which we our dismay. Haha.

We made this game plan because we wanted to eat from ever country (yes, they have a station for each country). We started out with the appetizer counter which was actually a mash up of all the countries. Then we headed down to Japan, India, and so on.

On our way to China, we found out they were closing the buffet in 30 minutes. In one of my friends panic, she scooped up a plate and filled it with dumplings. A panic dumpling plate.

After eating for hours, the gluttons that we are, we decided to make our own dessert. My ice cream was mango topped with chocolate chips, syrup, gummie bears, and strawberry jam. So good. I wanted to cry at its goodness.

When we finally couldn't stuff our self anymore, we practiced our breathing. Haha. We couldn't even walk. It hurt to even roll to the side to face the person you're talking to. When we finally digested enough, we stood with our food babies and walked around.

For more information about the place, click here. You should really try it. Super amazing food.

Here's what I wore to our little food fest. Cotton, loose, black and flats is the way to go when doing a buffet. HAHA

Dress from Topshop. Sandals from Celine. Scarf from Macau.

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Anonymous said...

that's a gorgeous scarf! goes very well with the black dress... gosh all the food looks delicious!